Pistia stratiotes 1a

Water Lettuce, invasive species in the Everglades

Welcome to the 2015 UVM Ecology and Management of Invasive Species Wiki.Edit

This wiki hosts collaboration from students taking the course FOR/NR 285 at the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at University of Vermont, Burlington VT USA. Kimberly Wallin and Lucia Orantes are the course instructors, and can be reached at and respectively. 

In this course we will review the process and underlying mechanisms of invasions, effects of invasions on communities and ecosystems, and management techniques. The focus will be on conceptual frameworks, research approaches, and the overall process of practicing science.


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Concepts and Jargon Edit

A B C Edit

Additive Genes | Admixture | Allee Effect | Allele | Argentine Ant | Bottleneck Effect | Assignment Test | Assortative Mating | Altruism | Allopolyploidy Conspecific | Cryptic Invasion | Cohort | Allozymes | Biotic Resistance Hypothesis

D E F Edit

Depensation | Effective Population | EICA Hypothesis | Endemism | Epistasis | Eradication Unit | Ex Situ Conservation | Fitness | Fixation | Founder Effect | Epigenetics

G H I Edit

Genotype Frequency | Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium | Homogocene | Hybridization | Hybrid Vigor | Genome Mapping | Genetic Drift | Inbreeding Depression | Genetic Marker |Genetic mutation | Gene Flow | Genetic Signature l Genetic Paradox | Intraspecific Aggression | Interspecific Aggression l Inbreeding Coefficient l GenBank |Island Biogeography I Introgression | Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis | Genetic Dominance | Heterozygote Advantage | Introgressive hybridization | Invasive Meltdown Theory | Intentional Introduction

J K L Edit

Lag time | Linkage Disequilibrium | Locus | Length Polymorphism | Kin Selection Theory

M N O Edit

Mantel's Test | Metapopulation | Molecular Markers | Outbreeding Depression | Overdominance | Microsatellites | Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) | Mountain Pine Beetle | Modelling Allee Effects | Niche | Monogyne

P Q R Edit

Panmixia | Phenotypic Plasticity | Ploidy | Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) | Polygyne | Polymorphism | Population | Pleiotropy | Recombinant DNA | Relatedness Coefficients | Rescue Effect | Primer | Propagule Pressure

S T U Edit

Supercolony | Unicoloniality | Ten Rule


Interesting findingsEdit

Competition between invasive mosquitoes | Eradication of Invasive Rats has helped populations of Galápagos TortoisesInvasive humans: How we are causing rapid evolutionary changes among plants and animals | The midge that eats more kale | Lionfish hunting |Giant insects wiped out by invasive rats in the 1920's, re-discovered in 2000's! | Eating Sea Lamprey |Are Dragons the next invasive species? | Invasive crazy ants eat wires | More on Wild pigs | History of Asian carp invasion of the United States | Invasive Goldfish threaten Colorado lake ecosystem | Invasive Sushi Menu | Endangered tortoises and invasive plants | 9 Great invasives | Costly Invaders | The Worst Marine Invasion Ever | Goldfish in Lake Tahoe | The Invasivore's Dilemma | 10 Invasive Species that cost the US a Bundle Are ash trees developing resistance | Two exotic termites find love in Florida, worrying researchers | [The Shakespearian Invader]

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Vermont Invasives | Forest Service: Invasive Plants | National Invasive Species Management Plan

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