First is first...Edit

  1. Get a Wikia account (free). This will be used for hosting and editing the class wiki site (which you are reading right now). I chose Wikia, because it runs on the same software as Wikipedia (aka The World's Most Important Web Site), so you will be able to transfer all of your editing talents to Wikipedia later on. Again, be judicious with your choice of user name, since your posts, comments and edits will be public. There is a growing trend for scientists to edit Wikipedia using their real names, but you should feel free to use anything you're comfortable with.
  2. Start editing! Once you have created your profile, go the main page and click on "edit" to allow you to scroll down to authors. Find/edit your name and hyperlink it to your user profiles. Once you profile is set, the whole class (even the whole world), will be able to follow all of your edits and entries for this wiki.

Expectations for Enrolled Students Edit

General class requirements Edit

  1. Attend class regularly and be an active participant. 
  2. Read the assigned papers. 
  3. Add new wiki pages, content, criticisms, suggestions and edits to the required Wiki content sections (see below). Do the same in any of the optional sections, as you wish.
  4. Be prepared to present and discuss the pages that you have contributed to in class. 
  5. Be prepared to explain and discussed the assigned papers.
  6. Become a practitioner of collaboration and editing. 

Required Wiki ContentEdit

  1. Concepts and Jargon- You are required to submit 4 jargon entries, based on your readings (at least one entry per reading). Trust me, there will be plenty of new terms for you to research and define, and you will be happy that your peers are submitting definitions as well.
Format of the entry:
  • 2 to 3 short paragraphs, defining the term and giving an example/aplication.
  • Cited Picture/video ilustrating the concept (optional)
  •  References (Extremely important!) 
  1. Population Genetics Problems and Exercises- After the population genetics lecture I will post 10 problems that need to be tackled by the whole class. You are free to post methods and answers, even ask questions, but each student has to hand in a hard copy of the exercises showing their own work. This is meant to be a collaborative homework. 
  2. Extra entry- Post one extra entry in any category. 

Optional Wiki content Edit

  1. Interesting findings - Add anything related to the Ecology and Management of Invasive species. Include anything from weird/cool YouTube videos and photographs, to notes on people who have influenced the world of ecology, to trending news about invasive species. 
  2. Q&A- Post questions that you might have about the class, readings or assignments. This page has two purposes (1) for me to answer questions that more than one student might want to ask, and (2) to generate discussion among students. 

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